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Upcoming EVENTS from STELAR (December and January)

Take advantage of these hot topics for December and JanuaryDecember Tech Calendar

New Semester Prep: Canvas Course Refresher Sessions (virtually via Zoom)

If your course was previously taught in Canvas and you are getting it ready for a new semester, come learn 8 quick-tips to refresh your course!  These sessions are all offered virtually via Zoom so you can login from your location of choice!

Canvas Gradebook (St Paul)

Canvas One-on-One Consultation Appointments (in either Minneapolis or St. Paul)

Sign up for 30-minute blocks.

Canvas Hosted Training Sessions

Whether new or experienced with Canvas, sign up and attend in December, January and beyond.

STELAR has purchased access to pre-recorded and live Canvas training sessions, available through This is for all St. Thomas faculty and staff. The classes range from beginner (Introduction to Canvas) to topic specific (Outcomes & Rubrics for Instructors) and everything in between.  If you are interested in seeing what is available, you can Browse by Category and look through the Building Block Series, and the Classroom Application Series.

After you create an account, you have ongoing access to an extensive number of trainings (for both beginners and more experienced Canvas users).  You also have access to any recordings from past sessions. Here’s a short list of upcoming sessions of these Canvas hosted sessions:

Canvas Training Series: Assignments

Canvas Training Series: Course Basics

Many more offered in December and January.

Resources You Can Access at Any Point

You’ll want to bookmark these so you continue to see new opportunities showing up on the calendar.

Other Sessions of Interest

Zoom for Advising, Appointment Hours and Tutoring

Accessibility Practices in Zoom Sessions


Introducing the STELAR Scoop

Have you seen this sign around campus?

Flyer about the STELAR Scoop Events















Or maybe you’ve seen this banner on OneStThomas or other websites.

Flyer about the STELAR Scoop Events

Either way, we want you to know that STELAR is starting a brand new series of round-table discussions called the STELAR Scoop! Faculty and Staff, feel free to stop by STELAR St. Paul (LIB LL20) on Wednesdays from 3:00-3:45pm to “get the scoop” about the latest trends in educational technology and pedagogy. Oh, and also stop by for the free ice cream!

These sessions are very informal, so feel free to come late or leave early as needed.

Sessions begin on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

This post was written by Karin Brown, an Instructional Designer for the St. Thomas E-Learning and Research (STELAR) Center at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn. To learn more about this topic, please visit our website at or email us at


Johnnie Bennie Media Visits STELAR Studios

TommieMedia and Johnnie Bennie Media teams discuss studio productions

Student leadership from St. John’s / St. Ben’s “Johnnie Bennie Media” and their staff advisor visited the OEC multi-camera studio facilities April 23.  St. Thomas TommieMedia production students Cory Spawn (Engineer), Natalie Koerbitz (Senior Producer), TommieMedia Director Noah Brown, COJO professor and TommieMedia faculty advisor Dr. Peter Gregg, and STELAR Engineer Dan Lamatsch were all on hand to share knowledge with the Johnnie Bennie Media team.

Johnnie Bennie Media is in its third year of production and is in a unique position to benefit from the shared knowledge that St. Thomas students, faculty, and staff have acquired over their years of supporting TommieMedia.  It was a great afternoon of collaborative efforts between the two teams!

Discussing finer points of media production