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November 2011

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Catholics Have Talent

 Written by Gemma Shaffer ’14, Biochemistry and Catholic Studies

Last year as a freshman, when I heard that the Catholic Studies department was going to put on a talent show, I thought to myself, “Eh, it will probably be a bunch of lame skits and stuff, but hey, it might be fun.”  Much to my surprise, that night I discovered that the students in the Catholic Studies department did indeed have talent, far more so than I think anyone expected.  This year when talent show time rolled around, I thought, “This will be good, but there’s no way it could top last year’s.”  Once again, I was wrong. Continue Reading

Catholic at UST

Jason Evert Challenges UST: fall in love, not lust.


Pictured above: Jason Evert

Written by Harry Welsh ’14, Business Managment Major

On November 8th, UST’s campus was blessed with the opportunity to have Jason Evert come speak about chastity. Jason Evert is an internationally known, dynamic, and engaging speaker on chastity, relationships, romance, and purity. He has a master’s degree in theology, and undergraduate degrees in counseling and theology, with a minor in philosophy at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He is the author of more than ten books, including If You Really Loved Me, How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your soul, and Theology of the Body for Teens, which challenge young people to be pure.

Listening to his talk, a few things stood out to me most. First, women in society are displayed in media more as objects than as human beings with dignity. Being men on a college campus, we are not only constantly surrounded by beautiful women on campus, but also by the skewed image of women that is in the media; there are temptations all around us. As a man at the talk Continue Reading

Catholic at UST

Living the Word

Justina Hausmann

Written by Justina Hausmann ’13, Neuroscience and Catholic Studies

When I transferred from DePaul University during my freshman year, I have to admit I had high expectations for the University of St. Thomas. I surely was not going to transfer again, so this just HAD to be good. While I did enjoy my first semester as a Tommie, I was hungry for more, for more Christ, for more community. I wanted to feel like this campus was mine. It was this hunger that led me to Catholic Studies.

This year, I was asked to join a Bible study through the group Living the Word: Scripture Studies Continue Reading

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Freshman Spotlight: Life on the Catholic Men’s Floor

Written by Corey J. Stephan ’15, Theology Major  Corey Stephan-CMF

Three Catholic Men’s Floor residents.  From left to right: Aaron, Corey (me), & John

The University of St. Thomas is a wonderful, well-respected institution of higher learning with a strong Catholic heritage.  That heritage is not merely something pleasant to read in a brochure; the faith on campus thrives at this very moment.  As an incoming freshman, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the Tommie Catholic Christian community.  I deeply appreciate the Holy Spirit’s heavy hand in bringing me to study at this school, and I know that He also guided me in choosing where to live — the Catholic Men’s Floor.

Living on Ireland Hall’s 2 North, the Catholic Men’s Floor, has made me a part of the best Christian brotherhood for which I could have asked.  Every night, a group of fellow floor residents Continue Reading