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February 2009

Faith and Career, Lectures and Conferences

Radical Encounters: Faith and Vocation

Posted by Phil, UST Senior, Philosophy and Catholic Studies
PrintSome of the hardest questions in a Catholic’s life are questions of faith and vocation. How do these two interact? How do we incorporate one into the other, and what influence should faith have on my vocation and vice versa? Even more fundamental then this is the question, “To which vocation is God calling me?” The Radical Encounters event, sponsored by Campus Ministry and Catholic Studies, was geared toward asking (and answering!) these questions of faith and vocation.

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Class Profile: CATH 101: “The Search for Happiness”

Posted by Kelsey, UST sophomore, Psychology, Catholic Studies, Renaissance Program minor

cath101_feb11We are all of us searching for happiness. The happiness we seek, though, is not a temporal fulfillment, but rather an eternal joy. Through an understanding of the Gospel message, we realize that it is impossible to find happiness in this time-restricted world. There is only one true source of happiness, and that is God. How, though, do we find God and thus attain happiness? From the Bible to the great works of G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis to thinkers like Romano Guardini, John Henry Newman, and the popes, this course not only explained what happiness is, but how to attain it. It prompted students to think analytically about the texts while at the same time inspiring in them a desire to examine the great work of their own lives.
The “Search for Happiness” class is more than just an informational lecture series; it is truly a journey of faith. As we examined happiness in light of the mystery of the Church, the four cardinal virtues, sin, self-gift, vocation, and the Eucharist, I found myself falling ever more in love with God. Never in my life have I had a class like it, and never in my life have I liked a class as much as this one. If you think you might take this class, enter into it with your heart wide open. I think that you, too, will find it to be deeply rewarding, and you may even find yourself experiencing a bit of the happiness that God is longing to give you.

Catholic Residences

Life in the Catholic Men’s House

Posted by John, UST junior, Biology and Catholic Studies
menshouseThe first time I learned about the Catholic Men’s House was in the spring of my freshman year in college. That spring, I started going to Morning Prayer and Mass with the men of the houses. The following semester, I joined. Coming into the house, I knew it was demanded that I not simply be a resident there, but that I become a brother to my fellow men and that I strive to become a better man through living out my Catholic faith.

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