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October 2011


It’s good to be Catholic during times such as Midterms…

St-Joseph-of-CupertinoFeeling stressed and nervous about your midterm examinations? Well, here is a study tip: ask for the intercession of our wonderful saints! One in particular to be pointed out when taking tests is St. Joseph Cupertino. Here is his story.

St. Joseph was born at Cupertino, in the diocese of Nardo in the Kingdom of Naples, in 1603. His mother considered him a nuisance and treated him harshly. Joseph soon became very slow and absent-minded. He would wander around, going nowhere, his mouth gaping open. But he had a bad temper, too, and so, he was not at all popular. He tried to learn the trade of shoemaking, but failed. He asked to become a Franciscan, but they would not accept him. Next, he joined the Capuchins, but eight months later, they sent him away because he could not seem to do anything right. He dropped piles of dishes and kept forgetting to do what he was told. His mother was not at all pleased to have the eighteen-year-old Joseph back home again, so she finally got him accepted as a servant at the Franciscan monastery. He was given the monks habit and put to hard work taking care of the horses. About this time, Joseph began to change. He grew more humble and gentle, more careful and successful at his work. He also began to do more penance. Now, it was decided that he could become a real member of the Order and start studying for the priesthood. Although he was very good, he still had a very hard time with studies. The examiner providentially asked him to explain the ONLY thing he knew well, and so he was made a deacon, and later a priest. Continue Reading


Woman and Man: much more than a philosophical question


Written by Martin Sicam ’13, Mathematics Major and  Catholic Studies Minor

When a man and a woman look upon each other, what does each see? Why does the Church exclude women in the Priesthood? Why do we call God “Father” and never “Mother”? In the philosophically based class Woman and Man (taught this Fall by Professor Elizabeth Kelly), we delve deep into questions such as these to arrive at intrinsic truths. On the first day of class, we were instructed to write down what we think it means to be a man or what it means to be a woman. It is a simple task to note the stereotypical characteristics of each. But those answers only satisfy what it means to be like a man or woman. We want to know what it really means to be man and woman, male and female, father and mother Continue Reading

Alumni, Service

Presence of Christ in the city (literally)

Irma Montes-Alumna Spotlight

Posted by Irma Montes, Catholic Studies Alumna ’11

During my four years at St. Thomas I never really knew exactly what the Lord was preparing me for, but I knew St. Thomas was where I needed to be. I was fortunate to have many professors who really wanted to emphasize the importance of intellectual formation from a Catholic perspective.

As a Catholic Studies student, I came to understand that we need to have well formed minds in order to make sound decisions. Personally, I realized quickly as graduation got closer that it is a privilege to have a well formed mind. I then realized that I didn’t want to jump into the work force right away; I needed to give myself time to mature and just let the privilege I have been given set in a bit more.

ccdenverBecause of my experience with Catholic Studies, I knew that I needed to be doing something that involved formation of my mind and personal growth. In stepped Christ in the City. Continue Reading

Catholic at UST

Becoming a Catholic Man on Campus, One Chicken Wing and Thursday Night at a Time

Written by Andrew Kincheloe ’12, Business Administration-Entrepreneurship

So Thursday night rolls around and students are conversing about hitting up Plums or Tiff’s, maybe cramming for that test your professor carelessly scheduled for a Friday morning, or, being October, watching some playoff baseball games.  Well if you are in the library you might see a group of 30-40 guys meeting in the Leather Room, eating B-Dubs and talking about (if you believe it) how to be a man and live your faith on campus. Continue Reading