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April 2011

Social Events

Saint John Vianney Men’s Basketball Championship

This past Saturday, April 9th, was the event of the season. The SJV men from the Grand Avenue Apartments battled the Catholic Men’s Floor of Ireland for the first time in St. Thomas history. Coming in as a late addition to the bracket, the Men’s floor was seeded high and ready to compete, their strengths lying in their energy and enthusiasm. The men from Grand were also set as their playing style emphasized experience and seniority. Free popcorn, entertaining announcers, and a guest appearance from our very own Archbishop Nienstedt were among the highlights of the evening. Both teams proved to have a sizable turnout in terms of their fan sections, though the seminary might have had a “home-field advantage” due to their large number of organized cheers. Continue Reading

Student Profiles

More than the Facts: How Catholic Studies Complements Elementary Education


My final semester of college strays far from that “ideal” schedule every freshman dreams of—only 3 classes, plenty of naps, no 8:00am’s, not having to walk to South campus.  Instead, I wake up in time to pray Morning Prayer with the women I live with and am out the door  every day by 7:15am.  With my coffee in hand, I walk four blocks to St. Mark’s School where I spend the entire day student teaching.  Continue Reading