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November 2010


Cath301: Reflections on the Catholic Vision



          Chalk shatters, dissipating into clouds of white dust. Numerous diagrams cover the board, intersecting into webs of chaos. The students, wide-eyed and alert, write vigorously, notebook pages flying, hoping not to miss a single word. One could only encounter such excitement in Dr. Junker’s 301 class.

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Catholic Studies Welcomes Prospective Students!

Taken from Tommie Blogger Lizzie’s “Snow and Catholic Studies” entry, November 14th, 2010


Lizzie (middle) With Jill and Allison, Visiting for the Overnight


“This week has been quite busy with one paper and two tests, but we made it through and the weekend welcomed us with a big arrival of snow!!

Because I am a weather nerd, I knew the epic blizzard was coming but there’s still nothing like waking up to snow outside! Kudos to all you high school juniors and your families that made it out to Fall Junior Visit Day-you’re all such troopers! Here’s a short wrap-up of the weekend.

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The Call to Love: An Alumna Shares Her Vision

Cap Corps Midwest 2010-2011 group, Laura is front-left

Cap Corps Midwest 2010-2011 group, Laura is front-left


Ten months ago, I was a Senior at UST, majoring in Catholic Studies and English with no idea what the next step would be after graduation.  If you would have asked me my plans, I probably would have shrugged and given a vague answer about looking for a teaching position in the Cities.  I certainly didn’t intend to move to South Chicago for a year, but the Lord had other plans!  So here I am, as a full-time volunteer with Cap Corps Midwest (with the Capuchin Franciscans), marveling every day at the mere fact that I am here. 

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