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Catholic Studies Welcomes Prospective Students!

Taken from Tommie Blogger Lizzie’s “Snow and Catholic Studies” entry, November 14th, 2010


Lizzie (middle) With Jill and Allison, Visiting for the Overnight


“This week has been quite busy with one paper and two tests, but we made it through and the weekend welcomed us with a big arrival of snow!!

Because I am a weather nerd, I knew the epic blizzard was coming but there’s still nothing like waking up to snow outside! Kudos to all you high school juniors and your families that made it out to Fall Junior Visit Day-you’re all such troopers! Here’s a short wrap-up of the weekend.

Friday night we had a Catholic Studies overnight where awesome high school seniors came and stayed the night with us! (Shout out to Liz’s buddy Nichole!) A bunch of us got to host girls and it was seriously just so fun to show them our lives here at the best college ever! I got to have two awesome girls stay with me, Alison and Jill, and we had such a blast, even if they didn’t love the snow all that much.

On Friday night we all went to the Catholic Studies Talent Show which was hysterical-a few highlights were a reenactment of “Salve Regina” from the movie “Sister Act” (performed by our floor with our fearless RA, Christine, stepping in as Whoopi), a very manly performance of that “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” song from Mulan (from the Catholic Men’s floor), and a “dreamy” piano song composed and played by Matthew, which ended up getting first place! And let’s not forget James’ indescribable “I Will Survive”, which placed second. (Sorry if the videos are hard to see, but you can hear them pretty perfectly! And the adorable person cracking up in the background is Mara. Enough said.) It was a very fun night that brought the Catholic Studies community together and showed some prospective students just how much fun we have.”

~ Lizzie, Tommie Blogger

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