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January 2012

Catholic at UST

St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us.

Posted by Monica Stiles, ’12 Psychology and Catholic Studies

On Saturday, January 28, the Church celebrated the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas. As students at a liberal arts University, we have a lot to thank Aquinas for. His work with philosophy and theology has shaped much of not only what the Church teaches, but also even some secular views of morality and ethics. We are so blessed to have such a brilliant, impactful, and holy man as our patron.

As a Catholic Studies student with a relative understanding that this world is so much greater than what any human’s intelligence can grasp, starting yet another semester makes one sometimes want to quote what Aquinas said after giving up writing, “I cannot go on…. All that I have written seems to me like so much straw compared to what I have seen and what has been revealed to me.” ( Now, I would venture to guess that what has been revealed to me has not been quite as great Continue Reading