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May 2011

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Catholic Ideals in Business

As a business student who is also in Catholic Studies I have learned how easy it is to compartmentalize my life. I can study business and look at the world through the lens of dollars and cents and a few hours later be sitting in a Catholic Studies Class reading Pope John XXIII.

Not only is this dichotomy of thought unhealthy, it is also unwarranted. The Catholic Leadership Intern program this year really brought me to this realization. This year we, the Catholic Leadership Interns, looked at the topic of Catholic ideals in business. We have covered many different topics, ranging from changing the culture of a business institution, to the best way to structure a business in view of the Catholic Ideal.

With all of these topics covered, there was one theme that permeated through them all and stuck in my mind. This realization was that the way I view people should never change. The contrast in views I stated above should never happen when viewing another human being. The only perspective that should be held when viewing another person should be the Catholic view, Continue Reading

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April Showers Bring May Flowers: Coverage of the Sixth Annual Frisbee Tournament

The first words that came to my mind were “Bring…it…on!” As I proceeded to read the Catholic Studies Weekly Newsletter to find the faculty had pooled their allowances to hire the body builder, Arnold Schwarzengger, for the annual Frisbee Tournament, I knew there was little chance of victory for my team. As I continued on, I read the starting lineup was Dr. Michael “Tackle” Naughton, Dr. Bob “Will Stop for Nothing to Win” Kennedy, and Dr. Paul “The Hulk” Wojda, I accidently said out loud while sitting in the inaudible basement of Sitzmann Hall, “no way!” I have had each of these professors and know that each of them not only have brains of brilliance, but they each have bodies of steal, which means they have both strategy and muscle. I then questioned if Mr. Schwarzengger could actually assist these men as they are already had the potential for such a strong team. Continue Reading

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Quo Vadis?

The following account was written by Paul Solomon, a senior studying at the St. John Vianney College Seminary.

Many of us are familiar with the famous “Quo Vadis?” account from the Acts of Peter. St. Peter is fleeing the city of Rome to avoid persecution and death, and as he is departing along the Via Appia he encounters Christ. Peter questions Him, “Where are you going?” Christ responds, “I am heading to Rome to be crucified once again.” Ultimately, St. Peter rethinks his decision and returns to Rome, becoming a martyr for the faith. Continue Reading