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October 2010

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A “Fresh” Perspective


 As a Freshmen in college there is always the struggle of adapting to a whole new atmosphere and way of living. Only after a month’s time, however, the campus is referred to as “home” and before we know it, total strangers become the best of friends.

As a Southern Belle from deep in the heart of Texas, coming to the University of St. Thomas was a whole new experience.  The past six weeks have come and gone with a never-ending flow of fun-filled activities, a desk constantly cluttered with an oncoming flow of homework, and the comforting unity of fellow students. Minoring in the Catholic Studies Program provides me with the ability to study more deeply what is most important to me: my Catholic faith. While delving into the full college experience, there is also the opportunity to immerse myself in the solace of a spiritual regimen. The Chapel becomes a safe haven in which I am relieved of all forms of stress.  The many trials that accompany the every day life of a student are triumphed by the joys and exhilarating moments spent not only with supportive friends but also with our Lord present in the most Blessed Sacrament.


Lectures and Conferences

George Weigel Speaks: A Student Perspective


Geroge Weigel, renowned author & biographer of Pope John Paul II

Geroge Weigel, renowned author & biographer of Pope John Paul II


The O’Shaughnessy Education Center was buzzing with excitement on Monday, October 4 in waits for George Weigel to speak about his new book on the Venerable Pope John Paul II. The book is titled End of the Beginning-Pontificate of JPII.  As a Catholic Leadership Intern, I had the privilege of being a greeter at the front doors of the auditorium. “Welcome. Thanks for coming! Enjoy the talk” echoed throughout the lobby.  The mob of people was diversely populated with professors, priests, friends, students, and probably many more distinguished (yet unidentified) guests. From my vantage point, it was nice to see Weigel’s reception was a warm one. As the clock approached 7:30pm, Dr. Briel urged us (the super cool greeters) to herd people into the auditorium so the talk could begin. Being a 5’ 4” girl with a relatively “unbooming” voice, it wasn’t a surprise that no one really listened to me. However, once Weigel took the stage, people’s attention turned towards the front and my stature didn’t matter anymore.

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