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January 2009

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“So, what are you going to do with that?”

Posted by Katie, UST junior, Business Leadership and Management, Communications, and Catholic Studies

Some may cringe at the question. Others take a deep breath and prepare a long-winded answer sounding much like an “I don’t know” response. The question is similar to the high school senior’s “where do you plan on going to school?”, or the college freshman’s “what’s your major?” It cannot be escaped.
As a student of the Opus College of Business AND Catholic Studies I can honestly say that this question excites me more than most. This simple question tells me that I have a chance to offer a quick elevator pitch for why I believe Catholic Studies is not only the unifying and completing element of my education and personal life, but it is also a perfect complement to a business degree. Though they may be offering questions for small talk, I see it as an opportunity to spread the good news of Catholic Studies.

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Welcome to the blog of the Center for Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN! Ever wondered exactly what the Center for Catholic Studies is? Or maybe wondered what a major or minor in Catholic Studies is all about? Look no further. This blog will attempt to give you a quick (and ongoing) taste of the work of the Center for Catholic Studies, especially within its academic programs. Students will be the primary bloggers, writing about their classes, majors, future careers, study abroad in Rome, prayer, social events, lectures, and other ongoing activities through the Center for Catholic Studies. Staff and faculty will also occasionally offer their perspectives.
The Center for Catholic Studies is dedicated to the integration of faith and reason in every facet of life. Our programs and services create an environment where students, alumni and others can engage their faith within contemporary culture and grow both intellectually and spiritually. To learn more about the history of our Center, check out our website.
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