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March 2012

Catholic at UST, Leadership Internships

Leadership in Training

Written by Eryn Evander ’11, Business

Traveling for hours on a bus, sleeping on floors in close quarters, and engaging in servant leadership for nine days does not add up to your typical spring break trip. For 120+ UST students who went on the STLF (Students Today Leaders Forever) trip, however, that is exactly how they spent their break.
Being in the Catholic Leadership Interns had a big impact on how I viewed this trip.  I was one of the trip leaders and having the formation of our Friday Interns meetings under my belt showed me that resilience and patience are central attributes in a leader. The most salient life-lesson that I learned from this trip is this: all things will not go according to pre-determined plans if you do not lead with God at the forefront. To be resilient when things go wrong that are beyond your control is no doubt an indication of a good leader. The ability and willingness to take responsibility for these things when you do not keep this in mind is another. Continue Reading

Catholic at UST

Leisure: The Basis of Spring Break

Written by Garrett Ahlers ’12, Philosophy and Catholic Studies

This upcoming weekend is the spring hiatus here at the University.  I have a few friends who are heading down to Florida to spend a week on the beach.  A few others that I know are going to New York to visit a mutual friend ours who joined the Franciscans a few years ago.  Still others among my friends are heading out to do mission work in Honduras and Haiti.  And for my part, I will be on a silent retreat for a few days in the wooded hills of Wisconsin.

Four wildly different options among many for Spring Break.  And yet, there is a common theme that runs through our plans:  it is the promise of leisure.  Leisure is not exactly a word Continue Reading