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Freshman Spotlight: Life on the Catholic Men’s Floor

Written by Corey J. Stephan ’15, Theology Major  Corey Stephan-CMF

Three Catholic Men’s Floor residents.  From left to right: Aaron, Corey (me), & John

The University of St. Thomas is a wonderful, well-respected institution of higher learning with a strong Catholic heritage.  That heritage is not merely something pleasant to read in a brochure; the faith on campus thrives at this very moment.  As an incoming freshman, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the Tommie Catholic Christian community.  I deeply appreciate the Holy Spirit’s heavy hand in bringing me to study at this school, and I know that He also guided me in choosing where to live — the Catholic Men’s Floor.

Living on Ireland Hall’s 2 North, the Catholic Men’s Floor, has made me a part of the best Christian brotherhood for which I could have asked.  Every night, a group of fellow floor residents (often myself included) runs down the hallway and pounds on Catholic Men's Floordoors yelling, “Night prayer!  Night prayer!” (and sometimes, jokingly, “Diaper!” due to its similar sound) to gather us all for the nightly Liturgy of the Hours.  We frequently go to Mass as a group, eat meals together, watch movies as a floor, and go on all sorts of adventures.  Also, we love to spend time with the young women from the Catholic Women’s Floor.  In fact, an ongoing prank war with a good friend of mine from that floor has engaged many others from both the Catholic Men’s and Women’s floors, and it has contained some of the best moments of my time as a Tommie so far.

Choosing to live on the Catholic Men’s Floor was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  If you are a boy looking to become a true man, making the same decision is a perfect place to start.

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