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Database Highlights & Trials

February Research Database Trials (Concluded)

Please note, the February Trials have concluded.

During the month of February, the University of St. Thomas Libraries is trialing five research databases. This is an opportunity for the UST community to use these subscriptions at no cost and help determine whether or not the libraries should invest in these resources in the future. We encourage you to provide any feedback about these resources — positive or negative — to the sponsoring librarian listed with each resource by February 24th.  

ASME Digital Collection

Access the ASME Digital Collection 

The ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Digital Collection provides unparalleled depth, breadth, and quality of peer-reviewed content. The platform is an essential resource for professionals seeking engineering solutions to global challenges. It includes:  

  • ASME’s Journals from 1933-present 
  • ASME’s Conference Proceedings from 2000-present and selected proceedings back to 1955  
  • ASME eBooks from 1993-present with selected titles back to 1944 

Please contact Jim Kelly with any questions or feedback. 


Compendex on Engineering Village

Access Compendex on Engineering Village 

Elsevier’s Compendex on the Engineering Village platform comprises journals, conference proceedings, dissertations, standards, books, and, recently, preprints. The content is sourced from thousands of publishers from around the world, including major engineering societies like IEEE, ASME, SAE, ACM, and many others. The amount of engineering-focused scholarly and technical literature in Compendex is vast and global in scope, featuring everything from the latest cutting-edge findings to historical research and innovations. 

Please contact Jim Kelly with any questions or feedback. 


Inspec on Engineering Village

Access Inspec on Engineering Village 

Inspec hosted on Elsevier’s Engineering Village platform contains over 22 million records from across global publishers to deliver quality content to a wide range of research communities.  

Inspec uses precise, subject-specific indexing to enhance the discoverability of scientific research across physics, electrical engineering and electronics, computers and control, mechanical and production engineering, information technology, and more. 

Please contact Jim Kelly with any questions or feedback. 


ProQuest One Business 

Access ProQuest One Business 

ProQuest One Business is designed to support the unique teaching and learning needs of business faculty and students. Developed in collaboration with faculty, students, and business librarians, ProQuest One Business delivers a mix of practical and theoretical content in an interface that helps students build the research skills they’ll need for success in their courses and careers. A business-focused interface intuitively guides users to content including journal articles, books, and company, industry, and country reports. 

Please contact Andrea Koeppe with any questions or feedback. 


Trends & Policy: U.S. Immigration 

Access Trends & Policy: U.S. Immigration (Use the menu in the upper left corner to limit to U.S. Immigration) 

Trends and Policy: U.S. Immigration from ProQuest connects policies implemented by the U.S. government with statistics showing the results of those policies and provides context with analytical reports and news articles.  It is designed to be a tool – all the content in one database.  It gathers U.S. immigration laws and other materials from the legislative branch, reports and statistics from the executive and judicial branches, and contextual newspaper articles. It includes relevant documents from 1790 to today. 

Please contact Andrea Koeppe with any questions or feedback. 


Database Highlights & Trials, Political Science

New database trial in October – Trends & Policy: U.S. Healthcare

The St. Thomas libraries are excited to trial a new database that focuses on U.S. Healthcare policy. Trends & Policy: U.S. Healthcare provides a single location to connect U.S. Government policies with statistics and news showing the results of those policies.

Trends & Policy is a series of in-depth primary source collections such as public laws, Legislative branch reports, and Executive branch reports and data. Currently, researchers must use multiple disparate tools to find all of the essential executive and legislative content related to a policy. Statistical data can often be difficult to find, extract and use in research and in reports. The focus of these collections is not only on their respective topics, but also brings together primary source content relevant to U.S. policy with statistics and data.

If you type in keywords or phrases related to your topic, results are organized by Topic Pages that give context and pathways into research on a topic, Government materials such as public laws, commission reports, and hearings, Newspaper articles, and Statistical tables.

Trends & Policy: U.S. Healthcare cuts a wide swath into many disciplines aside from the obvious audiences of political science and nursing students. MBA students can learn about health maintenance organizations, (HMO’s) educators can read about the effects of school bullying on mental health, and students of history can compare pandemics from the past to the present.

You can access the Libraries’ trial of Trends & Policy: U.S. Healthcare here.

Please contact Andrea Koeppe with any questions or feedback you have about the database trial by October 31st.


Nexis Uni vs. Westlaw Campus Research

We at the library work to keep up with new products and resources that make your research more productive.  Lexis Nexis had been a staple of our electronic collection seemingly since the dawn of databases.  Even though they changed their name to Nexis Uni, and gave themselves a completely new look, the same extensive legal, news, and company information remains in tact.


Now there is a new product from another well known and well respected company that piqued our curiosity.  Westlaw is a staple of the UST Law library, and law libraries across the country. Their new product is Westlaw Campus Research, a database that covers the same topic areas as Nexis Uni.  The primary strength of Westlaw Campus Research is its collection of legal materials, cases, statutes, regulations and articles from legal journals.  It also contains detailed company and financial data, as well as state, national, and international journals and newspapers.



For the next few weeks the libraries are running a free trial of Westlaw that is open to everyone in the UST community.  The link to Westlaw is here.  During the trial we encourage comparisons and critiques of content, ease of searching, or any other feedback you have about one or both products.  You may give any UST librarian your comments or you may send them directly to Andrea Koeppe


Business & Economics, Database Highlights & Trials

TRIAL – Three Additional Collections in Emerald Management 175

The UST libraries have subscribed to Emerald Management 175 for over five years because of the access it provides to scholarly full text management and international management journal articles. Now for a limited time UST is putting on trial other collections in Emerald previously unavailable in our current subscription.

To search the additional collections, go to the main Emerald search page and conduct a keyword search.  From the results you may choose to look at all of the results or limit the hits within an individual collections.


Emerald’s Business, Management and Economics eBook Series Collection
This collection contains over 400 volumes across multiple business and economic topics such as Management Science, Business Strategy and Organization Studies with new titles added regularly. The interface allows users to search through entire books or books on the chapter level. Many books and chapters are written from authors world-wide to ensure a global perspective.

Emerald Social Sciences eBook Series Collection
The Emerald Social Sciences eBook Series Collection extends the current Emerald business portfolio with high-profile international authorship and high quality cross-disciplinary research with over 240 volumes from over 35 book series titles in the fields of politics, psychology, sociology, health care and education.

Emerging Markets Case Studies Collection
Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies is a new online collection of peer-reviewed case studies focusing on business decision making and management development throughout key global emerging markets written by case writers working in developing economies that offer local perspectives.

The trials end 11/5/11. Please get any comments or questions to Andrea Koeppe at