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Do you Summon?

Hi Students! As your research is gearing up this semester, we have a question for you:

Do you Summon?

Summon is a Google-like search tool here at UST Libraries, and you can use it just like you’d use Google…Go ahead and search our databases, book catalog, video collection, and more – all at once!

We know your professors ask you to find specific types of resources for assignments.  With Summon, you can easily filter for peer-reviewed articles, items published in a particular time range, and more.  Even better, it automatically refers you to a relevant UST librarian if you need more help!

Watch the short video below for more great tips and hints about using Summon, and (as always), Happy Searching!

Business & Economics

Google lists top 1000 web sites

Reposted from ResourceShelf. Shows ranking, reach %, # of unique visitors and page views. Updated monthly on the Google Ad planning site. Lists below from April 2010.

The Top 10
1. Facebook
2. Yahoo
6. Microsoft
7. Blogspot (owned by Google)

Here are a few other rankings:

18. Twitter
44. IMDB
83. NY Times
102. Scribd

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Massive Google Infographic

Click for the rest!

Click for the rest!

Most web users know and use Google.  According to comScore, a market research firm that tracks search statistics, Google captured 65.4 per cent of the US online search market in January.  That’s two-thirds of the 15.2 billion searches run in the US in January. 

Other interesting bits: Its global market share is estimated to be 86 per cent.  Its IPO price in August 2004 was $85; yesterday it closed at $541.  And there’s more!  It’s the #1 website in the world.  It processes 20 petabytes a day, or something like 1330 times the information currently held in the Library of Congress.

Want to see these figures and more?  Click the image for the rest of the Google Facts and Figures infographic, from Pingdom.

Business & Economics

Bad news, good news, bad news

The bad news is that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the jobless rate is now at over 10% which is the highest rate of unemployment since 1983.   The good news is that one of the most visible companies in the world, Google, is hiring!  The bad news…have you seen their interview questions?  I know they are in a position of strength to pick and choose – but come on!  Does that also mean they have the right to mess with our heads?  If you are in the process of polishing your resume, take a quick peek at some of these questions  so you can be sure you know what you are getting yourself into.   Rest assured that answers are also provided. 

You’re welcome!