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It’s baaaack: The PNC Christmas Price Index!


Did you know?  Each holiday season, your favorite UST business librarians anxiously await the release of one of our favorite traditions:the PNC “Christmas Price Index!”

The PNC CPI tracks how much it would cost to buy each of the 78 gifts in “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  PNC has been doing this every year since 1984, so they really know their stuff.   For those of you who aren’t some of my amazing Finance students, this CPI is a play on the “Consumer Price Index,” which tracks the changes in price of goods and services like housing, clothing, food, and transportation that reflect American consumers’ spending habits.

PNC makes a fun website every year depicting their CPI and allowing us to discover the costs of each individual gift; this year we get to hop aboard the “Index Express” railway.  As we travel through “Fluctuation Farm,” “Inflation Station,” “Index Falls,” and “Percentage Peak” to hear how the golden rings, partridges in pear trees, ladies dancing, and more are faring in the markets.

CPI Express

And the results? The 2011 CPI increased by 3.5% over last year – to (drummers drumming please):


The largest increases were for the poultry this year: the Two Turtle Doves (25%) the Partridge in the Pear Tree (14.2%), the Swans-a-Swimming (12.5%), and Geese-a-Laying (8%).  The Four Calling Birds were left out of this trend, with a 13.3% decrease. Four French Hens remained constant at $150, as did the price of Ladies Dancing ($6,294.03) and Lords-a-Leaping ($4766.70), although the dancers did get a large salary increase last year.  And, as some of you who follow the markets might predict, the cost of everyone’s perennial favorite, Five Golden Rings, is at $645 – a decrease of 0.8% from last year.


If you do a Summon search on the Twelve Days of Christmas, there are nearly 73,000 items – which is an increase of over 325% from last year!  Included are thousands of books, videos, music, and more to help get you in a holiday spirit (and perhaps help you out of finals doldrums?) from some our favorite authors and artists.  Check them out!

Happy Holidays!

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Now Accepting Applications: Investment Banks And More!

After an understandably dry spell, investment banks are hiring fresh MBAs again, according to a recent article in the New York Times:

Though some banks are still cautious, business school counselors are telling students to be persistent. Banks under-hired during the market collapse, the counselors say, and will soon be creating more full-time positions than former interns can fill.

And there are other mentions of the trend.  Take a look here at articles in Business Source Premier on MBAs and the job market.  Want more still?  Try any of our Business: Articles & Books databases with the keywords mba, hir*, job, employ*, market*Contact a librarian for other search strategies.
Looking for something more local?  Try the Minneapolis/St Paul Business JournalFifteen per cent of Twin Cities employers are looking to hire in Q2, according to a Manpower survey referred to in the link above.  Want to find more in the Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal, but you’re blocked by “for subscriber only” messages?  Access backfiles and subscriber-only content here, via the UST Libraries.
Business & Economics

Bad news, good news, bad news

The bad news is that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the jobless rate is now at over 10% which is the highest rate of unemployment since 1983.   The good news is that one of the most visible companies in the world, Google, is hiring!  The bad news…have you seen their interview questions?  I know they are in a position of strength to pick and choose – but come on!  Does that also mean they have the right to mess with our heads?  If you are in the process of polishing your resume, take a quick peek at some of these questions  so you can be sure you know what you are getting yourself into.   Rest assured that answers are also provided. 

You’re welcome!