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Nexis Uni vs. Westlaw Campus Research

We at the library work to keep up with new products and resources that make your research more productive.  Lexis Nexis had been a staple of our electronic collection seemingly since the dawn of databases.  Even though they changed their name to Nexis Uni, and gave themselves a completely new look, the same extensive legal, news, and company information remains in tact.


Now there is a new product from another well known and well respected company that piqued our curiosity.  Westlaw is a staple of the UST Law library, and law libraries across the country. Their new product is Westlaw Campus Research, a database that covers the same topic areas as Nexis Uni.  The primary strength of Westlaw Campus Research is its collection of legal materials, cases, statutes, regulations and articles from legal journals.  It also contains detailed company and financial data, as well as state, national, and international journals and newspapers.



For the next few weeks the libraries are running a free trial of Westlaw that is open to everyone in the UST community.  The link to Westlaw is here.  During the trial we encourage comparisons and critiques of content, ease of searching, or any other feedback you have about one or both products.  You may give any UST librarian your comments or you may send them directly to Andrea Koeppe


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