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By Land, Air, and Sea: WWII Documentaries

Visit Digitalia, one of many video streaming sites the Music and Media Collections offers!

Digitalia featrues Eric Brown: A Pilot’s Story (2014) a documentary from filmmaker Nicholas Jones about one of Britain’s greatest aviators in World War Two. This feature-length program centers on an interview with the then 95 year old Captain Brown. Brilliant archival footage and rare photographs from Brown’s personal library illustrate his extraordinary story.

There are many WWII-related DVDs in the Music and Media Collections. Here are two great selections!
Navajo Code Talkers is remarkable documentary detailing the extraordinary work by twenty-nine young men from government-run Navajo reservations in the 1940s. Fighting for the country that sought to annihilate their culture and existence, they used their native language to create a code that could not be broken by their Japanese enemies.
D 810 .C88 N3 2006 DVD

For a greater scope of World War Two check out WWII: 3-Film Collection produced by the History Chanel. This unique documentary series consists of perspectives on the war from the land, air and from space. With the use of original color footage and groundbreaking CGI satellite views, experience history like never before.
D 743 .W99 2013 disc 1-3 DVD
D 743 .W99 2013 disc 4-5 DVD

Please stop by the Music and Media Collections located on the first floor of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library to the right of the Main Circulation Desk. Everyone is welcome!
By Sarah Pavey

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American Music Selections on Video

Acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns brings us Jazz, a ten episode series tracking the history of this uniquely American art form. From its roots in New Orleans to its competition with the sixties rock scene, experience the tumultuously and rich history of jazz steeped in the Civil Rights Movement and an ever-changing culture. This documentary is unmissable.
ML 3506 .J39 2000 DVD

A trip down a mellower road, pick up Blues Masters: The Essential History of Blues. This feature length documentary captures the birth of the Blues in the Mississippi Delta and showcases many performances by famous performers such as Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters, Buddy Guy, and the legend B. B. King.

Head to the first floor of the first floor of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library and visit the Music and Media Collections today!

By Sarah Pavey


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Distant Lands on Video

Exciting places may be thousands of miles away but learning about them only takes one trip to the Music and Media Collections located on the first floor of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library. Our extensive selection of travel-related DVDs covers all continents and all countries. For additional options, check out our films by country of origin.

Prepare to look at Machu Picchu in a whole new way with the PBS documentary Time Scanners. Using the latest 3D laser-scanning technology, structural engineer Steve Burrows and his team scan this sacred Incan city in the heart of the Peruvian Andes.
F 3429.1 .M3 M3 2016 DVD

Journey with famed travel expert Rick Steves to Greece and Turkey. His documentary takes you from vibrant Athens to the hauntingly beautiful Delphi in Greece. Lose yourself in the unique city of Istanbul, wander through the Grecian temples of the western region, and experience folk dancing in Central Turkey. Steves concludes this trip with Mount Ararat and Mount Nemrut in the East.
DF 728 .G74 2009 DVD

In need of a longer expedition? A History of Scotland is a ten-part series hosted by archeologist Neil Oliver that charts Scotland’s past through battles, religious conflicts, and political intrigue. This comprehensive documentary features remarkable, award-winning cinematography.
DA 757.5 .H57 2010 disc 1-2 DVD

By Sarah Pavey


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Wild Animals on Video

Summer is a great time to learn about the lives of animals. Here are three selections you will find in the Music and Media Collections on the first floor of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library.

Bat City USA is a short film by Laura Brooks documenting the struggle to save a Mexican Free-tailed bat colony in Austin, Texas. Merlin Tuttle, one of the world’s leading experts on bats, leads the charge, working tirelessly to save the colony from extermination.
Call #: QL 737 .C54 B3 2013 DVD

For a quick look at a slow-moving creature, watch Hanging with the Sloth. This 30-minute documentary gives an in-depth look at this unique and highly specialized mammal as well as its conservation.
Call #: QL 737 .E22 H3 2006 DVD

Cracking the Koala Code is an eye-opening documentary that dispels so many myths about this fascinating marsupial. Watch the koalas grapple with the urbanization of Brisbane, Australia, and learn about their communication and social structure.
Call #: QL 737 .M384 C7 2012 DVD

By Sarah Pavey

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Indigenous American Music Selections

Experience Ojibway Music from Minnesota, a recording featuring tracks dating back to 1899. Ethnomusicologist Thomas Vennum, Jr presents a rich variety of voice and drum music that shows the diversity of traditional Ojibway music.
Ojibway Music from Minnesota. call# M 1669 .O45 1997 CD

Talking Spirits brings us the social dance music from the Hopi, Zuni, Laguna, and San Joan Pueblo tribes. These 14 tracks capture the spirit of the Southwest, featuring The Garcia Brothers, Chester Mahooty, and Roger Mase.
Talking to Spirits. call# M 1669 .T34 1992 CD

If you’re looking for more music from the plains check out Pow Wow: Music of the Plains Indians. This excellent recording offers ceremonial and social drum music from Oklahoma tribes Pawnee, Ponca, Quapaw, and Kiowa.
Pow Wow: Music of the Plains Indians. call# M 1669 .P69 1986

The Music and Media Collections on the first floor of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library houses hundreds of music CDs in addition to our extensive DVD collection. Everyone is welcome to stop by and check out some fantastic titles!

By Sarah Pavey


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Octopus Hunt Video

If you’re looking for an underwater adventure The National Film Board of Canada is a great place to start. Bernard Devlin’s 1965 short documentary Octopus Hunt follows a zoological expedition to capture an octopus specimen for the Vancouver aquarium. Or, dive into a feature-length documentary like St. Lawrence: Stairway to the Sea and watch famed French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau explore the Great Lakes.

Additionally, our DVD collection boasts some stunningly filmed documentaries about life under the sea.  BBC Earth’s Great Barrier Reef doesn’t just capture the beauty of this natural environment but examines how it functions and the delicate balance that keeps this incredible ecosystem alive. For a wider look at the ocean, Visions of the Sea features Al Giddings’ remarkable underwater photography and an innovative soundtrack as you learn more about the world beneath us.

Great Barrier Reef: QE566 .G7 G7 2013 DVD
Visions of the Sea: QH91 .V57 2009 DVD

By Sarah Pavey

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Le Sacre Du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) by Igor Stravinsky

Celebrate the warm weather with Igor Stravinsky’s exciting and innovative 1913 ballet The Rite of Spring! During springtime rituals, a maiden is chosen to dance as a sacrifice to the new season. Although a short ballet, only 40 minutes, this work of theater is packed with energy and spirit. The performance challenged the forms of classical ballet to such an extent riots broke out in the theater the evening it premiered. Our copy features exquisitely replicated costumes and set designs from Nicholas Roerich’s original designs and performed by the Mariinsky Orchestra and Ballet.

Call # M1520 .S9 Z5 2009 DVD

We encourage you to visit the Music and Media collections this summer and explore our vast music selection. In additional to our classical and operatic CDs and DVDs, we also have titles about music history, bluegrass, rock, jazz, and many more!


By Sarah Pavey


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UST libraries will cancel Nexis Uni, and replace it with Westlaw Campus Research


The University of St. Thomas Libraries subscribe to databases and electronic materials based on curricular needs and faculty requests.  We are continually watching for products that address these needs with relevant, easy-to-access content.  One long-standing need is legal information for students who are not in law school.  For example, students studying business or social work may require primary and secondary legal information on a variety of topics in their disciplines.   Lexis Nexis, now known as Nexis Uni, has long been our database for that type of legal information, as well as providing national and international news sources and public company information.  However, this database has never been easy to search or navigate, so we have been looking for another database that can provide the same information.  We have finally found one, Westlaw Campus Research.

Westlaw is a reputable database, and a staple in law libraries across the country.  The Westlaw Campus Research is designed for academic research across the disciplines.  Along with legal materials, it also contains thousands of full-text news sources, and information about public companies.  The decision to cancel Nexis Uni and replace it with Westlaw was made after careful consideration and a trial of the database during which librarians gathered feedback from students and faculty. The response to Westlaw was positive, especially around the interface and ease of searching.  We understand that this is a big change and are committed to working with you to make that transition as easy as possible. Our subscription to Nexis Uni will end on July 1, 2018.  Access to Westlaw Campus Research is expected to begin by June 2018, so you will have some time when both are available.  And for current local and international news sources updated daily, the UST libraries subscribe to Access World News and ProQuest Global Newsstream.  Both databases provide access to thousands of news sources that can be searched by topic, Access World News can also be searched by regionIf there is anything that your subject librarian can do in order to assist you in using these databases, or to understand the materials in Westlaw, please let us know.


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May 1 noonartsound: Vietnam

Please plan to attend the May 1 noonartsound in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library, Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at noon.  All are welcome and, of course, refreshments will be provided.

Andy Scheiber and Bernie Brady are this month’s featured noonartsound presenters, sharing their perspectives on the music and art of the Vienam era, featuring street art, protest music, and photojournalism. 

Dr. Scheiber will sing a few Vietnam-related songs  — mostly “protest” songs from people like Pete Seeger, Country Joe McDonald, and Tom Paxton. He may add some reminiscences of his own. (He was subject to the military draft, and was within weeks of being called when they suspended military conscription in the early 1970’s.)