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The library as a resource for your students (library syllabus statement)

For our faculty: As you work on your classes for this Fall, please consider adding the libraries as a resource for your students by adding our statement (and editing as you see fit) to your course syllabus.  While our research services have gone mostly online, we are still available and look forward to helping your students in all stages of their research assignment or with any of their information needs (and yours as well!).

You can download a MS Word version of the statement (UST only) or copy and paste from the statement text below:

University of St. Thomas Libraries Syllabus Statement

Fall 2020

University of St. Thomas Libraries (O’Shaughnessy-Frey, Keffer, Ireland and Law) provide access to a broad range of information resources. Librarians support students with research assignments from the early stages to completion.

Connect with us:

We can help you with your research assignments in any stage:

Navigate library resources Familiarity with library home page; research & course guides; services; hours; contact info, etc.
Develop an effective research strategy Research question; narrow down topic; identify keywords, concepts and terms; select relevant info; analysis & synthesis; evaluation, etc.
Identify resources for your search Books, journals, newspapers, primary sources, social media, data, or others, depending on course /research needs
Document sources using an appropriate citation style RefWorks (citation management tool), or other citation resources.

Make an appointment with a Librarian:

Subject librarians provide in-depth research assistance by appointment. If you would like assistance that goes beyond what is provided through regular reference services, we encourage you to contact the librarian in your subject area to make an appointment.

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