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Library Week Quiz Results Announced!

question marksThank you to everyone who took the “How Well Do You Know the Library?” quiz during Library Week!    We hope you enjoyed learning more about the library – and the candy you received for turning in your completed quiz!

Congratulations to these quiz prize drawing winners:

Ignacio Garcia, Charlie Kiolbasa, Laura Bearth, Kaitlin Salter and Grace Herbertz!



How Well Do You Know the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library? 
(True or False)

1. Only faculty are allowed to check out movies from the Media Resources Collection.
False.  Current UST faculty, staff, and students may check out movies.

2. UST students can get help for a reference or research question 24 hours a day.
True.  Students can get help from a librarian even when the library is closed via a service called AskMN.

3. The best way to make sure you can get a group study room in the library is to get here early!
False.  You can reserve a library study room in advance, online!

4. Headphones can be checked out at the circulation desk for just $1 per hour.
False.  This was a bit tricky – there are headphones available for checkout, but they do not cost $1 per hour.  They are free!

5. There is no way to lock up your valuable belongings in the library, so all you can do is ask someone else to guard them.
False.  There are free lockers available for your use in a secure location behind the Circulation Desk. 

(Short Answer)

1. What is the nickname for the library’s 2nd floor Great Hall?
Harry Potter Room

2. What is the name of the library web page Google-style search?

3.    What two devices does the library provide so you can charge your phone while you’re here?
1) the charging station near the library coffee shop, and
              2) smart phone charging cords available for checkout at the Circulation Desk.
4.    What item can you check out from the Circulation Desk that can recharge your energy and boost your mood on dark or cloudy days?
We have a special tabletop lamp commonly called a SAD light – it can boost your energy on a dark day, or help if you have Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter months.

5. What is the best and most efficient way to start your research paper?
a)   Start Googling
        b)   Ask other people in your class what they did
        c)   Go to the reference desk and ask for help with research skills and resources



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