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Remembering Tom Kosowski

As we go about our business in today’s world, it’s easy to forget that the convenience and efficiency we enjoy doesn’t come from nowhere. Of course, as you come to check out a book at Ireland Library’s front desk, you’ll be greeted by our staff or helped by a student worker, but we aren’t the whole show. In fact, in a very fundamental way we’re only icing on a very large cake.

Tom Kosowski

Tom Kosowski

Every day without fanfare, Ireland’s dedicated custodians come to make sure the building is clean, up to spec, and a pleasant place to work. These folks allow Ireland Library to be what it is, and without them we’d be in a world of hurt.

Fortunately, God has blessed us with a number of great guys over the past few years, and Tom Kosowski was one of the best. Always a happy guy up for a conversation, Tom brought a passion to his job I haven’t seen in a long time. This library mattered to him, and every week I saw him do something above the call of duty. He cleaned every nook and cranny of this building, fixed anything broken that came his way, and always kept us posted. Among many, many other things, Tom took it upon himself to singlehandedly wax our floors one year, and they were the most beautiful they’d been in years.

All things have their season, however, and in their times all things pass under heaven. Tom’s season came to a close this Sunday after a long fight with cancer.

Our prayers go out to all those who knew and loved this wonderful man. May we grow to care for others as he did and not forget those to whom we owe so much.

~ Mason M., Ireland graduate student staff

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