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Our “New” Print Management System

PrintPromptReturning to UST this fall, you probably noticed that our printing system has changed a bit from last year. The halcyon days of simply hitting the print button seem to be gone with new pop-ups, web pages, and printers showing up all over campus. It all seems so new, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry… it isn’t!

While there are new copiers on campus (or call them MFD’s, or MFP’s, or MFC’s with your preferred use of this multi-functional device on the end) and we now use a different print interface, UST has always had a tracking system in place. Last year, students had a print account of $40.00 each semester, i.e. 400 black and white pages, $.10 each.

Nothing has changed, friend! Though you started the new semester with a balance of $32.00, you’ve been given you a 20% discount.  Those 400 black and white pages are now $.08 each. Same difference!

PrintWebLoginIf you’re worried about running out of cash or wish to track your print history, checking your balance is easier than ever before. Just log on to http://print.stthomas.edu to see your balance over the semester, a listing of previous jobs, and even your total environmental impact!

What if you have a bit too much fun with color copying and dry up your account? Go ahead and keep on copying, but expect the balance to be charged to your student account at the end of the semester.

Got questions or concerns? Contact the IRT TechDesk online at irthelp@stthomas.edu, give them a call at (651) 962-6230, or visit them in the basement of OEC, just north of O’Shaughnessy Frey Library. For other locations, see: http://www.stthomas.edu/irt/

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