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It’s that time of the year again…

…when the heady mixture of stress, Red Bull and coffee fill the library air.  I want all of you that I see studying so hard to just take a moment out and breathe. Get up from the table and stretch. Maybe go up and down the stairs a few times. Hey, how about eating an apple?  It’ll relax you and give you a small bit of armor against any freeloading flu that may attack your stressed system.  I know it’s stressful now, but you can totally do this. You’ll get it all done. And you’ll do well.

Congratulations all freshmen for making it through your first semester of college.  You’ve done a good job navigating these new waters.

Bon voyage to all of those in our community who are leaving to study abroad.  Just a reminder: many library resources and services will still be available to you no matter where in the world you go.  You can still access all of our databases, ejournals and ebooks and you can still chat with your hometown librarians.

And I want to wish you all a peaceful, joyous, and healthy break. Come back to us in the spring.

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