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RefWorks News: The Good, the Bad, and the Funky


Sadly, the bad news is for you…but only if you were planning on writing that paper (or 7) this Saturday night, May 5th.  Sometime in between 11pm and 2 am, RefWorks and its services including RefMobile and Write-N-Cite will be unavailable for up to 2 hours.  Please use this as an opportunity to take a nap… or a scheduled Facebook break. Whichever. (But please do get some sleep.)


And now the good news! ProQuest is again able to directly export to RefWorks. (See SERVICE INTERRUPTION – Proquest to RefWorks.) That means you can forget all those handy workarounds you figured out and go back to the 2-click export directly from your favorite ProQuest databases.

The funky news, though, is that only one of the links in your RefWorks citation will work if you are off campus.

The reason the second link won’t work is because it doesn’t include a code that lets ProQuest know you have the right to access the content if you are not within our campus IP range. Just know that you can get back to your article by using the Get It button for now, and ProQuest is working on fixing that second link for the future.


This same funkiness will affect you if you are on campus and are trying to add a permanent link to ProQuest content on your BlackBoard page or syllabus. The ezproxy code string will not appear in the persistent link field in Proquest citations whether you are on or off campus, so you will have to add that code string manually to allow your students access to the content if they are off campus.

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