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Bible dictionaries

It’s that time of year (or semester) where we get a lot of requests for Bible dictionaries. If you are in the library, the librarian can point out where in the reference room you can find a multitude of them. But if you are at home, or in your dorm, or on the bus, or, or (you get my drift) you can still use UST libraries’ Bible dictionaries. We have the Oxford Dictionary of the Bible and the Oxford Annotated Bible Dictionary – this one is in the Oxford Biblical Studies resource.  To get to the Oxford Annotated Bible, go to Oxford Biblical Studies, click BROWSE and then BROWSE BIBLE TEXTS:


You’ll see several Bible texts, but the Annotated Bible should be the first listed.


Just using the Oxford Biblical Studies resource itself can probably answer a lot of questions you may have. It’s a pretty robust, in-depth source on the Bible.

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