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Making sense of the world today

FoFAs we all know, it’s been a crazy few months.  The world is experiencing major shifts and changes.   There’s the Arab Spring, the Eurozone, the war in Afghanistan, and closer to home we have the mortgage crisis, unemployment and the US economy.  Where do you turn for information that is reliable, up-to-date and concise?  You could use any one of our newspaper resources to find thousands of articles on any of the above topics or you can try using Facts on File World News Digest.

Facts on File World News Digest is easily searchable and navigable.  Here’s a search on Arab spring


You’ll notice that all results come up (there are 5 pages of results for those of you who like to gather info in bulk).  For those of you who want foundational information, who need to know the whole story, there’s analysis and background.  The articles range from written last week to written decades ago so you can follow the story from the beginning until very recently.  Here are some of the 33 analysis and background articles on Arab spring


You can get country profiles, primary documents, key issues and perhaps the handiest, research features. The research feature here, called Focus On: Unrest in the Arab World (Research Feature) was updated in September 2011 and if printed out would be over 12 pages long. There is a section for each country explaining the unrest that happened in each in 2011 with links to related articles.

So if you need to clearly, easily and quickly make sense of the world before it changes again, give Facts on File World News Digest a spin. I think you’ll find it to be very useful.

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