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Sigh. I guess cats have always ruled the Internet (even before there was an Internet)

Published on: Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

It’s no secret that YouTube is LOADED with cat videos.  Seems like the interwebs can’t get enough of the furry garfieldcritters.  There’s, the Internet Cat Video Film Festival (held last year at our very own Walker Art Center), “I can has” is a thing, and Grumpy Cat.  In fact, Grumpy Cat has even signed a movie deal (I’m sure it’ll be as good as everything Garfield).  But do we really know the origins of cat filming?  I think I might have traced it back to the very root.  One of Thomas Edison’s early films was called Boxing Cats, which is exactly what it sounds like. Apparently the boxing was part of a larger cat circus, but Tom decided only to film the cats boxing, which is a bummer cuz I’d like to see nosferatucats riding bicycles.  I found this on VAST,  a streaming video site.  It includes early films from all the great pioneering filmmakers; Cecil B. DeMille, D. W. Griffiths, Ernst Lubitsch and many others.  You can watch The Great Train RobberyFilms of the San Francisco Earthquake, and The Fugitive, and for those of you who prefer your horror cat-free, check out Nosferatu.  Maaaaaan, that is a scary movie.

Now before everyone pounces on me for not loving cats, I’ll just say this… I’m allergic to cats.

2 Responses to “Sigh. I guess cats have always ruled the Internet (even before there was an Internet)”

  1. John Heintz says:

    Careful, owning up to not liking cats could get you drummed out of the profession in some circles. And Nosferatu rules.

  2. Margaret Owen Thorpe says:

    I was supposed to be doing some research. But your comment about cats ruling the internet caught my eye. And I must tell you the truth – Cats Rule Everything. Just ask one. I am a Certified Crazy Cat Lady – do lots of unpaid work at Feline Rescue. Never met one that didn’t rule everything.