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Dylan Represents!

Did you catch Bob Dylan’s concert last week?  According to a list just published on Buzzfeed, he is the most critically acclaimed rock star ever to come from Minnesota.  I think his album cover definitely makes Minnesota stand out on this map, don’t you?

image source: buzzfeed.com

Buzzfeed cited a study from Acclaimed Music, “a website that crunches and compiles best-of lists to determine critics’ general consensus.” I liked reading through their list, but I have to admit I felt a little clueless about some of the bands.  And as I sat there scratching my head thinking about where to find more information about them, I realized: the library has entire Biography subject guide filled with great resources for finding information about your favorite musician/film star/historical figure/you-name-it. Awesome!

The guide has information about how to  articles, books, and more.  Although I know you may be thinking that Wikipedia is better, humor me for a  moment and think of this: EVERYTHING on the subject guide is from a reliable source your professor would be more than happy to let you use for your next research paper.  Even more awesome!

We have quite a few options for biography research, but my favorite library resources for finding info about musicians are the following:

Have fun searching! I’m off to listen to some music…

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