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Do you have overdue fines? Pay them with Food!

Have you ever returned a library book so late that you got fined for having it so long? 

It’s okay.  We know you really needed it to write that awesome-possum paper on <insert your favorite major here>.  That’s why you’re here … to dig into it more, right?!?

2013 food for fines poster

The UST Libraries is holding its 5th Annual Food for Fines Drive again this year.  It kicks-off during Library Week, April 15-19, 2013, and run until the end of May.

Now you can pay down those fines* with currency in your pantry and not currency in your pocket (Yeah, we know it’s mostly lint.  Thanks for not sharing.)

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3rd Annual Food for Fines Drive

The UST Libraries 3rd Annual Food for Fines Drive will begin, April 11th and run until the end of the Spring, 2011 semester. 


UST library patrons will have the opportunity to donate canned food in exchange for the waiving of library fines: 1 can = $2.00 in fines(Food will only be accepted for overdue fines, not for lost or damaged items).


The Drive’s recipient is the Franciscan Brothers of Peace, St. Paul. Founded in 1982, the Brotherhood has dedicated their lives to The Gospel of Life, devoting themselves to serve and defend the most vulnerable of our society: the pre-born child, the severely disabled, survivors of international torture, and the poor and the homeless, through their emergency food shelf. 


2010_food for fines

Previous years Food for Fines statistics:

2009: 168 items = 156 lbs. food items. The donations helped alleviate about $336.00 in fines for patrons.

2010: 304 items + 1 can opener = 288 lbs. $503.25 in fines for patrons.



Nathan Wunrow / (651) 962-5498

Linnae Weinrich / (651) 962-4644