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Kanopy Changes

Kanopy changes. Unfortunately, we have to limit the access to Kanopy due to its high costs. We get charged $150 per title every three clicks on a film for 30 seconds or more, even if the film is not watched. For this reason, access will be limited to faculty use and student research only. In the future, if we are able to renegotiate a different price model we may be able to offer full access again.

Faculty: if you have used titles from Kanopy to show in class and cannot find them, please contact the Music & Media Collections, or 651-962-5447 for help.

In the meantime, I encourage you to use other excellent databases that have movies and documentaries. These include:

  • Swank
    Swank Digital Campus is a collection of more than 200 major motion pictures. Swank works best with Chrome or Firefox version 47 and up.
  • Digitalia Films
    Digitalia Film Library is a multilingual, multi-national collection of films and documentaries from Spain, France, other European countries, North America (Classic) and Latin America (especially Mexico, Cuba, Argentina and Brazil).
  • World Cinema
    The World Cinema Collection includes more than 350 movies from directors across the globe; it includes the silent era, American and European films from the mid-20th century, and award-winning contemporary films.
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