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Octopus Hunt Video

If you’re looking for an underwater adventure The National Film Board of Canada is a great place to start. Bernard Devlin’s 1965 short documentary Octopus Hunt follows a zoological expedition to capture an octopus specimen for the Vancouver aquarium. Or, dive into a feature-length documentary like St. Lawrence: Stairway to the Sea and watch famed French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau explore the Great Lakes.


Additionally, our DVD collection boasts some stunningly filmed documentaries about life under the sea.  BBC Earth’s Great Barrier Reef doesn’t just capture the beauty of this natural environment but examines how it functions and the delicate balance that keeps this incredible ecosystem alive. For a wider look at the ocean, Visions of the Sea features Al Giddings’ remarkable underwater photography and an innovative soundtrack as you learn more about the world beneath us.

Great Barrier Reef: QE566 .G7 G7 2013 DVD
Visions of the Sea: QH91 .V57 2009 DVD

By Sarah Pavey

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