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CLICsearch Certificate Expiration Notice – RESOLVED

UPDATE 4/20/2018 @ 11:08am CST: The issue has been resolved

Browsers started flagging as insecure on April 18 around 7:00pm when the site’s security certificate expired.

We are currently working on replacing the certificate with a new one and apologize for the inconvenience.

For now most major browsers will allow you to click on an Advanced button to proceed to the insecure site.

As with any browser security warning it is important to evaluate the risks before proceeding. In this case since the certificate recently expired (within the last 24 hours) then proceeding to the site is low risk. Web traffic is still secured and encrypted and there are no vulnerabilities being exploited in your browser. Nothing changed in the security or authenticity of the certificate, it just expired, like a driver’s license, and needs to be renewed. When a driver’s license expires you don’t lose your identity, you just need to get a new one.

We hope to get the new certificate in place quickly on April 19 and while we don’t advocate for ignoring browser security warnings we believe such warnings should be a chance to reflect and evaluate if it was a simple mishap of letting a renewal pass or a more sinister plot.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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