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Interactive Media on National Film Board of Canada

National Film Board of Canada features many different interactive games and learning tools that are a great way to help better understand a lesson or concept. This type of interactive media engages students and can be an impactful way for a lesson to stick around long after the final quiz is turned in.

Here are a few examples of innovative and engaging interactive learning tools available from NFB:

Bias – test your bias via this quick word association exercise; this tool can be used to test one’s potential bias against varying groups of people or test your bias against sexist or racist stereotypes.

Hungry Month of March – explore a multimedia tale of “The Hungry Month of March”: the month during which families on islands in the easternmost Canadian territories of Newfoundland and Labrador would make due with whatever food remained from winter through the month of March. This beautifully crafted media includes 16 short films, images, and excerpts as you “scroll” through the seasons of these unforgiving landscapes.

Bread – learn the stories of six different women and their recipes for bread and how this simple food is intertwined their lives, families, cultures, and experiences.

By Sophia Wolf

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