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Tales from the Archives – The Tommy/Tommie Mascot

You have likely encountered Tommie, the St. Thomas mascot, at various campus events.  But do you know that Tommie is the descendant of a series of St. Thomas mascots?

As early as 1947, students were asking in the college newspaper (The Aquin) why the school didn’t have a mascot when many of our rival schools had one.


It wasn’t until the mid-1950s that the first mascot, Tommy Tiger, appeared on the scene.  Originally managed by the Letterman’s Club, this orange and black cat made appearances to boost school spirit at sporting and social events on campus.  By the early 1970s, interest in keeping up this tradition alive waned and Tommy Tiger disappeared from the campus scene.

Homecoming queen candidate with Tommy Tiger, 1957. C57-061

Tommy Tiger with the Homecoming Queen, 1957

Msgr. Terrence Murphy poses with Tommie and unknown outside against football stands. RS: 02.13.03. C-71-287-38.

Msgr. Murphy with Tommy Tiger, 1971.

The St. Thomas mascot was revived by the college the mid-1980s.  Instead of returning as Tommy Tiger, the mascot was renamed Tommie (a feline of undetermined origin).  Since its comeback over 30 years ago, Tommie has changed its appearance several times.   I would guess the purple fur from the 1980s is one look Tommie would like to forget!

Tommy 1984

Tommie with a future St. Thomas student, 1984

tommie 1997
Tommie at a football game, 1997

Today —  Tommie remains an ambassador for St. Thomas and promoter of school pride and spirit at campus events.  Be sure to get a high-five from Tommie next time you meet it!

St. Thomas vs. St. John's football game, O'Shaughnessy Stadium, November 12, 2005. Tommie mascot

Tommie at the St. Thomas vs. St. Johns football game, 2005

To find out more about the history of the University of St. Thomas, visit the University Archives webpage.

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