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PsycNET (PsycINFO) not available off campus

UPDATE: 8/8/14 9:37.

I am happy to report that off-campus access to PsycNET (PsycINFO) has been restored. As the post below reads, there was a breach of contract. The database provider suspected excessive downloading from St. Thomas, and indeed, it looks like a bot harvested a great deal of their content. But we’re back up and running with no problems and no breaches.

I will take this opportunity to remind everyone with a UST username and password to please not share that password.

7.31.14  Hey all you industrial psych folks,

I’m sorry to report that PsycNET (also known as PsycINFO) is currently unavailable off campus. There was a breach of contract (we sign contracts that dictate educational use for all of our subscription resources) and we were cut off – but only for those of you working from off campus. If you have a dire need for any of the American Psychological Products (including PsycBooks, PsycTests and anything else that is from the APA), you’ll have to come into the libraries to use them. We feel your pain and apologize for any inconvenience. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly and everyone can return to their regularly scheduled programming.

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