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Othello at the Guthrie

I want to alert the community to a presentation of Shakespeare’s Othello at the Guthrie Theatre. I’ve read it; I’ve seen it; I’ve heard it AND it doesn’t get old. This production is breath-taking. Certainly one of the best things I’ve seen at the Guthrie. And we have season’s tickets! We usually do our homework. Read at least a bit of it to prepare ourselves for the experience. The libraries have dozens of versions. And thousands of articles that discuss the play from every conceivable point of view. Every actor was believable and Yoakam did Iago in a most insidious way. But for me the two standouts were Peter Macon as Othello and Regina Marie Williams as Emilia, wife of Iago. Othello’s disintegration was visible through his whole body and Emilia – you could feel her horror for her role in the tragedy down to her finger-tips.  I recommend it to you all!

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