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RIP Pete Seeger

We lost a great man. peteseeger

Early in my career I worked in Washington, DC and volunteered at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. I was working on a finding aid for the Italy collection and in walks Pete Seeger. He sat down next to me – I admit, I was star struck and just managed a “hi.”  He, however, was not star struck and just started chatting with me, asking me about the project. When Joe Hickerson, the head of the AFC got off the phone, Pete bid me adieu and went to talk to Joe.

Years later, while working in NYC I ran into Mr. Seeger again at the Clearwater Folk Festival. Obviously, he didn’t recognize me and obviously, I was once again star struck – cuz  Pete Seeger and Odetta were standing right in front of me! Once again it was a “hi” from me and a warm hello from both of them, welcoming me to the festival.  It was very cool.

Take a moment to honor the man by listening to a sample of his music or watching this video.

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