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Hercules, Hercules, Hercules

Due to the fact that Hercules is laying waste to much of the eastern part of the country, we are without tech support for all Ebsco products until “hopefully Friday, but it could be Saturday.”  Now that’s what I call a hopelessly (wonderfully) connected world.   I lived out east in both New York City and Washington, D.C.  D.C. was completely incapable of handling even 2 inches of snow*, let alone a named storm**.  New York could shovel its way out of a storm, but it took a while.  Either way, this big storm – as big as the hero/god Hercules – is gonna leave a mark. Ebsco, the company I was calling to give a piece of my mind to, is located in Massachusetts.  Their offices are already closed with the message that they will open “hopefully Friday, but it could be Saturday.”   Ebsco may have dodged my wrath, but not Hercules’!

* I once got pulled over by the D.C. cops cuz it was snowing. There were less than 2 inches on the ground – I swear, it was not that much snow – and the cop, with chains on his tires, pulled me over and yelled at me, “What do you call this stuff on the ground!?”  And I’m all… snow.  He raged a bit, lecturing me about driving and then I asked if it was illegal or if he was going to give me a ticket.  No was the answer to both of those questions, so I just waited him out and then drove away.

** Who decided when to start naming winter storms like hurricanes?  Did the Weather Channel do this?  Did I miss the memo that we’re now naming winter storms?  Were you aware this was happening? What’s the point of naming blizzards?

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