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A Piece of Cake (ARTstor and PowerPoint)


November 21st, 2013 by Kate Burke.  Adapted from a Radka Ballada blog post.

Creating a PowerPoint slide presentation from ARTstor images is not difficult.
See instructions below:

1. On ARTstor Digital Library block select ENTER HERE and then log into your ARTstor account or register for a new account.

2. Search for images.

3. Select images for your presentation by clicking on them (selected images will have orange borders).

4. Save selected images as a new image group using the following steps:

a. Select “Organize” tab on the top bar.

b. Select “Save selected images to new image group”

c. Select a folder and type your image group name.
d. Select “Save & Open” option.

5. Select “Tools” tab on the top bar.

6.  Select “Export image group to PowerPoint.”

7. Select “Submit” option in the Export/Download Gudelines pop-up box.

8. Select “Accept” option in the Terms and Conditions of Use pop-up box.

9.  When your Power Point file is generated (it takes a few seconds), you can open your new slide presentation.  In my case, it was ” A Piece of Cake”. :-) If you have any questions please contact me.  Kate Burke

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