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A “New” Body Part!

An image of a right knee after a full dissection of the anterolateral ligament (ALL). (Credit: University Hospitals Leuven)

Hey biomechanics students (and anyone else interested in anatomy)!  

Did you hear that a body part never before fully researched has just now been given its first full anatomical description?

Called the anterolateral ligament (ALL), the part is a “previously enigmatic ligament in the human knee. The ligament appears to play an important role in patients with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears.”  Knee surgeons Dr Steven Claes and Professor Dr Johan Bellemans started looking into it while studying several common symptoms knee surgery patients experience, especially after discovering an 1879 article that “postulated the existence of an additional ligament located on the anterior of the human knee.”

Read more in Science Daily; Claes and Bellemans’ research was published in the October issue of  the Journal of Anatomy.*

*Note: UST’s subscription to Journal of Anatomy is embargoed for a year after publication, but until then you can request the article via ILLiad

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