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Chemistry in the Spotlight

In honor of the weekly chemistry seminar where, according to the Newsroom,

Dilbi Hussein will speak on “NO-SSRIs: Nitric Oxide Chimera Drugs Incorporating A Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor,” and Nicholas Moryn will speak on “Nature’s Chemistry: Designing Artificial Enzyme Systems Using Si/Au Nanoparticles” at this week’s Chemistry seminar. The Seminar begins at 12:15 p.m. Friday, April 5, in Room 251, Owens Science Hall. Everyone is invited to attend.

I would like to point out our fantastic chemistry resources.

  • Lange’s Handbook of Chemistry
    Lange’s Handbook of Chemistry includes data for each compound including name, structural formula, formula weight, density, refractive index, melting point, boiling point, flash point, dielectric constant, dipole moment, solubility in water and relevant organic solvents, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. And much, much more.
  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics Contains the most frequently used data in science, including the periodic table of the elements, basic constants and units, thermodynamic and spectroscopic data; electric, magnetic, thermal and structural properties of solids, key data from nuclear science, astronomy and geophysics; and up-to-date health and safety information. Limited to 10 simultaneous users.
  • American Chemical Society Web Editions  Icon
    ACS Publications provides full-text access to over 30 journals and other information published by the American Chemical Society.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry  Icon
    Current full-text coverage for five RSC journals: Chemical Communications, Chemical Society Review, Dalton Transactions, Organ Biomolecular Chemistry and Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Also includes selected full-text articles from another small group of RSC publications.

You can use them before the seminar so you sound like a smarty-pants when you ask a question, or you can follow up the seminar by browsing through these resources over the weekend.  You can also use the last 2 from your phone.  Pretty fancy.  Go ahead and pick a few to look at. Your choice.  No pressure.

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