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Ready for a Blind Date…with a Book?

photoTired of the Same Old Relationships? 
Need Something New and Exciting?

How about a blind date with a book?

It’s that time of year when many of us are looking to add a bit of adventure and fun to our lives. As Valentine’s Day approaches, a bit of romance would be fun, too, wouldn’t it?

Well have no fear – UST Libraries have you covered!  If you haven’t stopped by yet, come by the OSF Library to have a blind date with a “Mystery Book” we’ve wrapped up just for you!  Take it home, unwrap it, read it, and enjoy! If you don’t like the book, simply return it to the library – its feelings won’t be hurt. 

Sure you might be disappointed; but then again … you may end up having a great read with something you wouldn’t have chosen for yourself.

It’s exciting.  It’s fun. 
And who knows?  It could be romantic! (or fascinating, or about zombies, or a mystery, or….!) 


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