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Core Curriculum – Faith and the Catholic Tradition

You are required to take 3 classes in faith and the Catholic tradition. We got loads of dictionaries and encyclopedias on every religious faith.  Using these dictionaries and encyclopedias is a good way to get a basic understanding of concepts that might not be familiar to you.

  • World Religions Online
    World Religions Online is an easy to use, inclusive guide to the world’s major religions and spiritual traditions. Includes core essays and information on the beliefs, practices, and history of major religions, topic centers, and videos.
  • Encyclopedia of Religion
    Recently updated version of the classic resource for in-depth background on all topics in religion and religions, strong in East, West, and World religions. Authoritative articles by outstanding scholars.
  • New Catholic Encyclopedia
    Partially revised second edition of one of the best of all encyclopedias
  • Routledge Religion Online
    Religion subject collection of thirty background reference books published by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. A wide range of topics is represented, including world religions, ethics, early Christianity, the papacy, the Reformation, etc.
  • Oxford Biblical Studies Online
    Oxford Biblical Studies Online provides a comprehensive resource for the study of the Bible and biblical history. It contains six essential OUP Bible texts, including the latest edition of the New Oxford Annotated Bible, as well as deuterocanonical collections, Concordances, and the Oxford Bible Commentary. Search across multiple versions of the Bible, and compare different texts and commentaries in an innovative side-by-side view
  • Encyclopedia Judaica
    Updated edition of a classic, the best source for background information on Judaism and Jewish topics
  • Oxford Islamic Studies Online
    Oxford Islamic Studies Online offers a multi-layered reference experience designed to provide a first stop for anyone needing information on Islam. Limited to 3 simultaneous users.

If you don’t find it here, be sure to check out all the theology databases we have.  Or see if there’s a course guide for your class.




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