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Core Curriculum – Moral and Philosophical Reasoning

The next core curriculum on the list is moral and philosophical reasoning.  You do not need to be a  Socrates or Nietzsche  to fulfill this requirement.  You only need to be taking PHIL 115 Philosophy of the Human Person and check out some of the resources below.  The course is described as:

An examination of fundamental conceptions of the human person in ancient, medieval and modern philosophy. Possible topics include: the existence and immortality of the human soul, free will and determinism, the immateriality of the intellect, the relationship between mind and body, and the relevance of different conceptions of the human person for ethics and religion. Attention is given to relevant issues of human diversity. The development of logical and critical thinking receives special attention.

The Gale Virtual Reference Library has a really good, basic Encyclopedia of Philosophy that gives just enough information without making your head swim.  As always, if you’re looking for more info, go to a complete list of philosophy resources. Or check out a research guide.

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