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Welcome students

Whether you are a new or returning student I want to give a hearty welcome – we’re glad you’re here (makes things livelier. The summers get a little too quiet for my taste).  In this little corner of the blog you will hopefully find helpful information about the libraries’ electronic resources.  You’ll also find out about outages, technical difficulties and system downtime.

I’m gonna start this year out by highlighting Summon, which is a Google-like search of many library resources – not just ereources, but print as well.  Summon finds stuff we own –

  • books
  • ebooks
  • journals and newspapers
  • journal and newspaper articles
  • encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • country economic forecasts
  • movies and music
  • industry reports

The best way to use Summon is to do a search and then limit the results.  You can limit to –

  • full-text only
  • peer-reviewed or scholarly articles
  • reference (which means content in encyclopedias and dictionaries)
  • books/ebooks (combine books/ebooks with full-text only to get only ebooks)
  • reports (that’s where you find industry, company and economic reports)
  • videos
  • audio recording
  • dissertation

-and many, many other limits.

Give it a spin. And remember, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, ASK US!  We’re here to help.

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