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Director of University Libraries presents at ALA


Dan Gjelten, director of University Libraries, presented “Moving Beyond the Community Living Room” in June at the American Library Association National Conference in Anaheim, Calif. The presentation addressed trends in library design and was a collaboration with a public librarian and a library designer.

Dan says: “We have contracted to do a webinar, so that it will be available online sometime this summer.  In the meantime, I’ll share the slideshow with you…these are mostly images, so I’m not sure how much you’ll get out of it, but you might be interested.  The idea was to present the next stage of evolution in library design, based on what we observe happening in the library, both public and academic.  For example, from housing resources to connecting resources and the next trend being creating resources…from print centric to user centric to “experiential”…from solitary to collaborative to “joining”… etc.  We know that the progression isn’t linear, and that new trends do not obliterate old ones – and that they often just exist together.  But the idea was to plant some seeds of new concepts in library life.”

 Here is a link to ALA connect and the slides:

 Co-presenters were Traci Lesneski of Meyer Scherer and Rockcastle architects, and Lois Lenroot-Erndt of Hennepin County Libraries.

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