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Emerald Management is the new Dr. Frankenstein

It’s alive!  IT’S ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!  Emerald Management sent me an email today that reads,

Emerald Business and Management content is supported with a range of FREE videos and podcasts that bring to life the topics from Emerald’s peer-reviewed journals.

So the whole “bring to life” thing got me thinking about that sweet scene in the original Frankenstein where the good doctor goes all nutso. (As an aside I just want to say how much I enjoy the acting in old movies.  So subtle.  So nuanced).   And just because everything about this movie is HILARIOUS, I give you that same scene in Young Frankenstein.

I may have wandered slightly off-topic, but my point is Emerald Management is a collection of peer-reviewed management and business journals.  They’ve now supplemented their collection with free videos and podcasts to animate what’s being written about.  So if you like your management articles acted out, you might want to check out this new free resource.

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