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Presidential elections. How to sort it all out?

I just received a helpful email from Facts on File World News Digest today.  They write:

Follow the 2012 Elections with Up-to-Date Coverage
from World News Digest

As a subscriber to Facts on File World News Digest, you know this acclaimed database offers up-to-date coverage of U.S. and world news through informative overview articles, newswire stories, and handy guides to its comprehensive archive.

As the 2012 elections approach, our extensive 2012 Election Guide is the perfect place to turn for current, complete coverage of the U.S. presidential and congressional elections–from the candidates, campaigns, and conventions to the key issues, debates, and more. Fascinating information about past presidential elections from 1940 to the present is also included.

Librarians: please forward this email to faculty in history, political science, international relations, government, and related subjects, or add these links to your library’s Web page to direct students to this invaluable content.

Quick links to get started:


Key Issue: Presidential Primary System

Presidential Elections: From 1940 to the Present

I wrote about Facts on File World News Digest back in September and how handy it is for covering, explaining and in some cases condensing today’s world news and current issues. It’s great for covering the Eurozone crisis, the various wars, Occupy (fill in the name of a place here), elections (both here and around the world) and almost every other major news story.

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