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Welcome students

I’d like to welcome all new and returning students to the library. We’re really happy to have you back on campus.  It’s always a much livelier place when you’re around.  I just want to welcome you to campus in general and to the library specifically.  Here are a few things to help speed and ease your library experience this year:

  • Research Guides Let’s say you’re looking for library resources on a topic and you don’t know where to start.  Has that ever happened to you? Well now you know where to start cuz I’m telling you a good place to start… Research Guides. We’ve got guides for subject areas, guides for specific classes and database guides.
  • Summon Summon is like Google for scholarly articles. Wait, you say, isn’t Google Scholar basically Google for scholarly articles? Yes it is and I encourage you to use Google Scholar (using this link will get you to the full-text of journals the library owns if the full-text isn’t freely available in GS). But I also encourage you to use Summon if you’re looking for a few articles from scholarly or peer-reviewed journals, magazines, newspapers or if you’re looking for books or ebooks on a topic.
  • Ask a Librarian. I implore you (cuz when’s the last time you were implored?  Or impaled, for that matter? I know that vampires are all the rage these days, so I thought I’d ask about the impaling.  Also, imploring made me think of impaling, so there you go.  And now, my new little kittens, you’re getting a glimpse into how I think and what to expect from this blog for the next year).  Where was I? Oh yes, I implore you to not waste time.  If there’s one thing there’s just too little of -other than love, according to Jackie DeShannonhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMS2uMUQNnQ it’s time. [Did you check out that choreography?  Yikes!  How in the world did all those back-up singers learn it? So complicated! ] So if you spend more than 5 minutes looking for something in the library and you don’t see it, please, please, please ask us.   You can ask in person, via email, via texting through IM or SMS or just call us.  I implore you!
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