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New look for Netlibrary ebooks

Netlibrary, a collection of ebooks, has been completely overhauled.  It is now eBooks Collection.  While it still contains the same titles, how you interact with those titles is very different.

If, in the past, you had a Netlibrary account and created a bookshelf, well… I’m sorry to say all that’s gone.  Been wiped out when Netlibrary became eBooks Collections. In order to recreate your bookshelf, you’ll have to create an Ebsco account.  If you already have one from using any of the 30 other Ebsco products we have, you can use that username/password to access eBooks Collections.

In order to get the most out of this resource, you’ll definitely want to create an account.  That way you can create a folder with all your titles in it, print, email and export parts of ebooks, and take notes in them.  Also, with the new interface, some titles are downloadable to mobile devices.  If, on the left side of the screen it says download, then you may.  If not… bummer.

ebscoebooksJust like in the old days (last week), most titles are for single use only, so you may encounter a message that looks like this:

No big whoop.  Just add that title to your folder and access it later.

All eBook Collections titles are in CLICnet, and that’s most likely how you’ll encounter these books.  So when you land on a book from CLICnet and want to use it, be sure to sign in or create an account.  Look in the blue bar at the top for  signin

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about eBooks Collection.  There’s loads of help here and tutorial movies to watch.

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